Monday, 2 August 2010

Sustainbility Monday: the not-much-done edition

For Leigh: my special little olive tree that lives todis prove the belief that you can't grow olives in the UK.

It's been the kind of week in which things other than the garden get done, although significant time was spent at the allotment removing all the deep-rooted weeds that had set in there while the ground was like concrete. We've had two good lots of rain lately so I wanted to get that job out of the way while the soil was still soft.

1. Plant Something -
  • Nothing this week although I did catch up on all the weeding.
2. Harvest something -
  • spinach
  • onions
  • potatoes
  • lettuce and salad greens
  • baby carrots
  • herbs
  • courgettes
  • beetroot
  • chillies
  • egg (singular)
  • runner beans
  • French beans
  • orange cherry tomatoes
3. Preserve something -
  • Soaked several pounds of morello cherries in vodka, to turn into cherry liquer and later glace cherries
4. Waste Not (reducing wastage in all areas)
  • The usual things
  • Turned the compost
  • Checked through the store cupboard to make sure nothing was nearing its use-by date and needed using. I'm pleased to report that nothing is.
5. Want Not (preparing for shortage situations)
  • Did my tri-weekly baking as well as making ciabatta and pizza bases
  • Bought a mini-BBQ to save pulling out the big one every time I'd like to char-grill a few veg.
6. Build Community Food Systems
  • The usual
7. Eat the Food
  • Peppers and courgettes grilled on the BBQ, as well as BBQ tofu as a pre-preparation for tonight's dinner.
  • lots of green bean and tofu dishes: Mexican mole and Malaysian stir-fries
  • Potato and green bean curry
  • Lots of salad with greens, baby carrots, radish and beetroot
  • New potato, caper and lemon-thyme pizza

The olive tree is covered in hundreds of tiny olives at the moment.
8. What I bought:
Antipasto-type stuff to put on pizzas.

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