Sunday, 16 January 2011

New starts

Otherwise known as "why I no longer call this blog backyard self sufficiency".

This blog started life as my attempt to track efforts in maintaining a self-sufficient lifestyle while stuck in the city. As a result of my move, that's no longer the case!

After two months in temporary accommodation, I'll be moving this week to a small rural property in the Huon Valley region of Tasmania. This is the view from the front verandah. There are even a couple of promising-looking wineries just down the road. The house is on a 1-acre block and we'll be living here for a year or so, which is enough space and time to relax and enjoy the wildlife and get to know the area while looking about for an acreage to buy.

I'll be camping in the empty house for the first 10 days, before the furniture arrives. But the veggie garden starts in two day's time. Watch this space!


Leigh said...

Thanks for the update! I've been verycurious about how the move was progressing. Sounds like good things in store.

Alison said...

Nice! It's good to see a blog update again. :) (Oh- and I hope that the empty house is at least warmer to camp in than your flat, without power, in the middle of the cold snap!)

Geodyne said...

Leigh: Hopefully it's a step ahead!

Alison: thank goodness it's summer this time! Although you're going to hate me when you see the photo in my next blog post.

Unknown said...

hey just found this looking for self sustainable info in the huon valley..we are driving from the peninsula ( nubeena) tomorrow to look at some land in pelverata..we are electrician 30, horse trimmer 25 and 3 young girls + 3 horses and pony....if you want drop us a 0428134795 looking for as close as resonably practical self sufficient int to swap ideas