Wednesday, 10 November 2010


This is what my backyard veggie garden looked like, a month or so ago: green beans still fiercely climbing up the bean frame, romanesco cauliflower and brussels sprouts happily growing away in the near bed, and lots of chinese greens, lettuce and spinach dotted around. Sunflowers and flowers in the pot.

This is what my veggie garden looked like when I got home from a week-long business trip yesterday.

Mr G had been kind enough to pull down the netting frame he'd done such a good job of building. He described it as one of the saddest jobs he's needed to do. But there's an excellent reason: we're moving out of our lovely little rented house.

I removed all the veggie plants yesterday and raked the compost out over the lawn to act as a top-dressing. It will do it a lot of good.

The reason we're moving is because I've just accepted a job in Australia and will be moving there at the end of the month. Then the search will begin for some land on which to build a new garden!


Tanya Murray said...

How exciting for you and HUGE did you sit so quietly on that????
Which State are you going to? We'll be practically neighbours!

Geodyne said...

We will be practically neighbours Tanya, because I'm moving to Hobart.

I've been sitting quietly on it because it's been the most drawn-out recruitment process I've ever experienced! I didn't want to post about it until things were confirmed.

Leigh said...

Australia! You mentioned it was a big move and this is huge! What an adventure the whole thing will be. I hope you'll blog a lot of details, because it sounds like you're in for exciting changes. Congrats on that job!