Monday, 21 February 2011

Sustainability Mondays: starting again

This is about all there is of my veggie garden at the moment: a few tomatoes,
chillies and herbs in pots, along with a treasured curry leaf tree.

This is a bad day to be starting sustainability Mondays, because I've achieved a big fat fail on many of my resolutions in the past week. But it's a good place to record beginnings.

1. Plant Something -
  • Nothing this week.
2. Harvest something - (including buying local food)
  • lettuce and salad greens
  • herbs from my garden and that of a friend
  • two courgettes from the neighbours
  • ...but I did manage to buy all of my veg from the local market gardeners
  • Bought locally-grown dried chickpeas, puy lentils and garlic
3. Preserve something -
  • Harissa
4. Waste Not (reducing wastage in all areas)
  • I really failed here. Bad: I hosted a BBQ on Saturday which has resulted in a lot of empty glass bottles (which I will take to the recycling centre in due course), and also bought several bottles of softdrink to have something to offer the drivers. I never drink softdrink so I was taken aback at how expensive, bulky and wasteful of plastic it is.
  • Bad: I have bought quite a bit of bedlinen, all of which came wrapped in plastic. Most of which is now in the bin because it can't be recycled even as bin liners: fail.
  • Good: But at least I've purchased a second-hand washing machine which is very water and power-efficient.
  • Good: purchased a second-hand BBQ grill plate and old recycled colonial bricks with which to make a bookcase, from the tip shop.
5. Want Not (preparing for shortage situations)
  • Bought 10 kg of potatoes from a colleague's garden, which will probably last me through the winter
  • Used the BBQ to lay in a few small drygood supplies for variety.
  • Otherwise, nothing much this week. Money earmarked for the stockpile has gone to other household essentials this week.
6. Build Community Food Systems
  • All of my house guests were intrigued by my lifestyle, and many are fellow souls (this being Tasmania!)
  • Blogging about it
  • Supporting local people who are growing food.
  • Exchanging goods and favours with my neighbours. I gave them travel tips and coffee, they gave me zucchinis and helped me build the frame for my bed.
7. Eat the Food
  • Herbs and lettuce leaves from pots
  • The local potatoes, in potato salad
  • Local butternut squash, puy lentils and red onions, turned into a warm salad over harissa, lemon juice and olive-oil dressed salad leaves
8. What I bought:
  • Way too much!
  • Plastic: a vacuum cleaner and a dustpan and brush. Plastic around pillows and quilt covers. Softdrink. And veg which I'd rather be growing.
How was your week?


Tanya Murray said...

I'm surprised you were able to buy locally grown chickpeas and puy lentils. Where did you get those from?

Alison said...

You know? I don't think this is a 'bad' time to start the log at all. Perhaps from an ego-stroking point of view, yes, but it's a great way to point out the unavoidable plastic (especially packaging!) and the issues around setting up a household from scratch.

I'm going to love reading these updates.

Geodyne said...

Tanya: I bought them from Wursthaus, just off Salamanca Place. I may be misremembering and the chickpeas may have been from Qld but the Puy lentils were definitely Tasmanian. And both were organic. I've also been buying only organic Tasmanian garlic while I can.

Alison: that's almost exactly what my train of thought was. I'm not doing this for ego stroking, I'm charting a course. And sometimes the course takes a step backwards.